Your visit gave me some peace about our digital devices that I have not had for quite a while, feeling overwhelmed and unsure of myself.  You were great in solving a multitude of things in record time and I only wished that we had made contact long before this.  Again, thank you for coming to my help and it felt very comfortable working with you.  Until the next time.
– Marina W., Lincolnshire


What a wonderful experience it is to work with Blair Miller, AppleLearn. Blair has the unique ability to teach without making you feel like you should have been able to figure it out on your own. She is not only knowledgeable but patient. Blair will also go that extra mile as I learned when I planned to purchase an additional piece of equipment (a non Apple product). Blair did significant research, on her own, and did the entire set-up for me.

I did sign up, at time of purchase, for the One on One at the Apple Store. The folks were well trained and knew what they were doing. I just felt that I wasn’t learning well due to the store environment of noise and constant interruptions. Having Blair at my home, I learned at a much more in a shorter period of time. I am glad I made the transition from PC to Apple products; especially now that I know I can call on Blair whenever I get stuck.
– Beverly A. Chana, President, Professional Career Services

Blair’s knowledge of Apple software and applications for the iPhone is unparalleled. She saved me time and money and made my use of my iPhone a more complete user experience from the get go. She’s great.
– Joel N. Goldblatt, Chicago

Blair Miller not only knows her way around a Mac, she is incredibly patient and nice. She didn’t make me feel like an idiot at all. Remarkable when you consider I’m probably the biggest idiot around when it comes to technology. Blair showed me shortcuts and provided me with practical information I would never have guessed or known otherwise. Thanks to Blair my Mac is no longer my enemy. It’s a tool that I can use confidently for my business or my pleasure. I kinda feel smart now. Thanks, Blair.
– Terry Hamilton, Deerfield

My daughter recently got a new Apple laptop and I thought it was a good idea for her to learn how to properly use it and keep herself organized. Blair had the right training strategy for her and a lot of patience. She also helped her learn more about iTunes and how she could do a better job of organizing her iTunes to get what she wants on her iPod. I would definitely use her again for any other Apple training needs that we may have.
– Jodi Coren, Highland Park

I am impressed with Blair’s understanding and execution of design elements involving the Apple computer, iPhone, digital photography and videography. Having a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I am impressed with her use of sophisticated design elements. She has clear insights in regard to technology and design. Additionally, Blair is organized, efficient and patient. I highly recommend Blair to expand people’s knowledge as well as project consultant!
– Sharon Landau, B.F.A & M.F.A., Highland Park