One-Minute Tech Tips

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Organize your Mac with this tip!  (Hint: side-by-side Finder windows will help.)


How to quickly close your Safari tabs (iOS device).


Airdrop.  It’s easy and efficient.


There’s a new screenshot feature in iOS11.


What’s a Stack?


How to rename a file on your Mac.


Getting charged by iTunes?  Here’s how to check on your subscriptions.


How to use fun effects in iMessage.


How do you make a bullet point or a list in Pages?

It can be frustrating moving apps around on your device.  Here’s a way to make that easier.


Here’s a great tip for helping you organize your Mac Inbox.  Resort and organize!


Do you know about Safari’s Reader Mode?  It’s a handy tool for reading articles on your Mac or iOS device.


If you’re getting a new device, make sure you back-up the old one before activating the new one.