One-Minute Tech Tips

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Apple users have been asking for this and Mojave supports it….Dark Mode!


Check out Mojave’s new Gallery view in the Finder.


Is your  Desktop a mess?  Unclutter it with Stacks, Mojave’s new feature for your Desktop.


Add a stop in your Google Maps route (also works on Android)!


Use text stickers in iOS12!


Right-click on a Mac…make it happen!


Yes, you CAN share Pages documents with Windows/Word users!


One of our next favorite apps, iExit, helps you find places to stop on a road trip.


Here’s a refresher on how to organize apps on your device.


Your apps should auto-update on  your devices.  Here’s how to set that.


What are HEIC photos and why should you care?


Finally!  You can sync and delete messages in iCloud.


Why you should know about “Data Detectors”.


Is this email spam?  How to check.


Save PDFs from a website.


Name your group texts.


Clean up your downloads!


How to use Find my iPhone (iPad).


Select multiple photos or files and clean up your device or computer.


How to take a screenshot on your Mac!


Do you send alot of photos via text?  They’re taking up space on your phone!


Got an iPad running iOS11?  You’ll enjoy using ‘Key Flicks’!


Do you know about the ‘Background App Refresh’ setting?


Organize your Mac with this tip!  (Hint: side-by-side Finder windows will help.)


How to quickly close your Safari tabs (iOS device).


Airdrop.  It’s easy and efficient.


There’s a new screenshot feature in iOS11.


What’s a Stack?


How to rename a file on your Mac.


Getting charged by iTunes?  Here’s how to check on your subscriptions.


How to use fun effects in iMessage.


How do you make a bullet point or a list in Pages?

It can be frustrating moving apps around on your device.  Here’s a way to make that easier.


Here’s a great tip for helping you organize your Mac Inbox.  Resort and organize!


Do you know about Safari’s Reader Mode?  It’s a handy tool for reading articles on your Mac or iOS device.


If you’re getting a new device, make sure you back-up the old one before activating the new one.