What are you doing with all the photos you take?  Would you like to have a photobook from a recent trip or special event?

We can take your photos, design a book and have it printed.

Here are some ideas for books:

  • A Year in the Life – best family photos from the last year.
  • Baby book of 1st year
  • Vacation memories
  • Memories from a special event or a book to commemorate an event (birthday, graduation, anniversary)
  • Family recipes
  • Old family photos and history

How it works:

  • Share your digital photos via iCloud photo sharing, Dropbox or we can meet and transfer.
  • We’ll discuss the ‘theme’ of your book.
  • I’ll provide a 1st proof after the initial design and photo placement.
  • Based on your input, captions are added and modifications are made.
  • Another proof will be provided and final changes are made.
  • Your book is sent for printing.